EASTER SUNDAY 20th April 2014

Leaders Rev.Bill and Mrs. Betty Bentham
This is the day that the Lord has made
We were told the story of a little boy, Steven. Just before Easter in Sunday school the teacher brought some empty cardboard Easter eggs and asked the children to take them home and bring back at Easter with what they thought Easter meant inside them. On Easter Sunday they put their eggs on the table, in one were some spring flowers, in another a small fluffy chicken, in another flowers and a chicken – all to show new life – the teacher knew the next one was Steven’s, she opened it and found nothing there, she was just about to put it back on the table when Steven shouted “no miss that’s my egg” – “but there’s nothing in it” – “Jesus is risen, the tomb was empty so is my egg” said Steven.
Readings : Isaiah 55 1-3 Come everyone who is thirsty come and drink.
Luke 24 1-11 The Resurrection
How was your journey onto the Christian path??
The Disciples were called, and they followed him, but their journey was slow – they faltered many times along the way.
Isaiah, Jeremiah and Hosea had prepared the way but people still could not accept and understand..
On our journey we arrive at his tomb – which was empty.
The Disciples did not believe what the women told them, even though Jesus had warned them what was to come.
Today we must celebrate the risen Lord, and believe, and travel his road.
The service was followed by Holy Communion

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