Sunday 12th January 2014

Leader : Susannah Youdan
(our thanks to Susannah for coming to take the service despite being unwell). Also thanks to Tom Lomas for playing the organ.
Readings: Luke 2 21 – 40
Jesus is 8 days old
Luke 2 41 – 51
Jesus is 12 years old
It was usual when a Jewish baby reached 8 days old he had to be circumcised – so Jesus’ parents took him to the temple to be consecrated and it was there they met Simeon and Anna both of whom praised the Lord and told his Mother and Father that their son was the longed for Messiah.
All of us have anniversaries each year – the Jews were no different.
Every year they travelled to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover. When Jesus was 12 they were there as usual and had been travelling home for a day when they realised he was not in the group so they returned to the city to look for him. After 3 days they found him in the Temple and Mary was, quite naturally, angry with her son who was sitting among the teachers and asking questions.
But Jesus replied “Didn’t you know I had to be in my Fathers House?” But they did not understand.
In Jewish Law a boy does not become a man until age 13 and so Jesus was still a boy in the eyes of the Jewish Law.
He became a man – getting the people who walked and lived in darkness to turn to God, their darkness was sin – we are all sinners – none of us is perfect – God’s son died for us to take away our sins. He is the gate – anyone who enters by him will be saved.

The service was followed by Holy Communion.

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