Sunday Service 24th November 2013

Led by Margaret Wells
Readings from Psalm 32 and Luke 19:1-9

Theme: “Just Looking………..thanks!”

When we go shopping we are sometimes pleased to receive an approach from a shop assistant asking if we need help. On another occasion we may be just browsing and wanting to keep a low profile.
Zacchaeus was curious and wanted to see Jesus but being small he had to climb a tree to see what was happening over the large crowds that had gathered.
He didn’t want to be involved but just look and possibly learn. Zacchaeus didn’t have friends as a tax collector for the Romans but saw Jesus had friends, including Matthew a tax collector.
Jesus sees Zacchaeus and calls him down and rather than run off Zacchaeus hurries down.
How many times do we avoid getting involved, let someone else do it or come up with an excuse?
Getting involved often needs a leap of faith. We can question if we have the ability but through the help of God and the Holy Spirit we can receive great strength.
Do we need to come down from our tree? Or are we so involved that Jesus takes 2nd place in our lives. Should we stand back and see what is happening or stand back and allow others to take on the work?
Zacchaeus agreed to return all his ill-gotten gains. As Christians we need to be doers but need Christ in our lives

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