Bible Study Wed. 20th Nov. 2013

Leader : John Silverton
The Monarchy of Israel
When the 12 tribes of Israel came to the land of “Milk and Honey” it did not prove to be as sweet as they thought – there were disputes among the tribes themselves and battles with the Canaanites and later with the Philistines who were more organised and better equipped to fight. l Sam: 4 we learn that the Israelites went out to fight the Philistines and were defeated having lost about 4,000 men. So they sent for the Ark from Shiloh so that it could go with them into battle and God would be on their side. Eli’s two sons brought the Ark. When the Ark arrived, Israel raised such a shout and the Philistines were afraid because God had come into the camp of their enemy. However they fought and once again Israel were defeated and 30,000 men were lost and the Ark was captured – also Eli’s two sons were killed. Disaster for Israel who blamed God.
1 Sam: 8 When Samuel grew old he appointed his two sons as judges for Israel but they were dishonest so all the elders of Israel came together to ask Samuel to give them a King.
He disapproved of this and tried to dissuade them but in the end he agreed and anointed Saul – who was the first King of Israel.
The beginning of the Monarchy of Israel

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