Sunday Service 17.11.13

Led by Russell Blackwell.

Readings from Matthew Ch.13 v 24-30
v 36-43
Revelations Ch.7 v 9-12

Russell introduced the theme of the sermon by talking about the service of remembrance in London this Friday to mark the 50th anniversary of the death of CS Lewis. CS Lewis often referred to Heaven in his Novels but what is Heaven and what does it mean to us?
The Israelites believed in Heaven being made up of seven layers with God at the very Top. In Islam Heaven is a paradise a ‘Noble Garden ‘ perfect in every way. Is it a place or a ‘state of being’? Is it an experience ? Is it a perfect relationship with God?
How do we get to Heaven? Paul describes being given new bodies suitable for heaven. Jesus explains we will be judged individually by God in his own way in his own time.”Whoever comes I will not cast out” said Jesus. CS Lewis writes that Heaven will be a reward, an inheritance which will grow in value as we work towards it. From the Gospel we have the ‘good news’ that we can already live with Jesus on earth and begin our journey to Heaven. We know our destination as we work towards it. Whatever Heaven will be. We will desire it and it will be perfect to us all.

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