REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY 10th November 2013

Leader: Susannah Youdan

Susannah led an emotional service – starting with reading a story about a Captain at the Cenotaph remembering his time at the front and particularly one young soldier who went out to find his friend and was mortally wounded himself.
Reading : Psalm 46 1 – 7 “God is our refuge & strength”
“Love your enemies be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect”
What a challenge – none of us is perfect – even though we try – it is not easy.
Susannah then went on to tell about her Grandfather, Don, who was called up for the first war at the age of 18 and some of the things he encountered during his time in the forces – finishing when he was released from prisoner of war camp and came back to England and had to prove who he was because he had been listed as “dead”.
Through it all he had been unbelievably compassionate.
John 1 v3 Love each other and your enemies
Susannah then sang her grandfather’s favourite song which had sustained him throughout life and particularly through the hard times.
Remember not only at this time but every day those who gave their lives but also remember that Jesus gave his life for us.

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