Service 20th January

We are very grateful that Lesley Davison felt able to make it through the snow to lead our worship.
Reading: John 1 v19-42
Lesley considered the message of John the Baptist cousin of Jesus through his mother. John acknowledged his position in life knowing Jesus was the Lamb of God and would be much greater than himself. John was more like an Old Testament prophet than a New Testament character.
The story is in all 4 gospels but John indicated that it all made sense with hindsight.
In John there is no mention of baptism of Christ but of two of Johns disciples Andrew and Simon Peter.
John was imprisoned by Herod who would consult John because he may have been scared.

John was preparing the way for Jesus but do we celebrate Advent properly?
People of God
Prophets of God
John the Baptist
We need to spend time understanding these people to see the love of God entering the earth

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