Service 6th January 2013

Led by Deacon Darryl Lomas
Theme – Start of the centenary year at Tapton Congregational Church.
Recently saw a statement ‘soulmates are perfect for each other, not always perfect, but perfect for you’. Darryl suggested for ‘soulmates’ read ‘Christians’ or even ‘Taptonites’.
‘Taptonites are perfect for each other, not always perfect but perfect for you.’

Readings: Luke 14 v7-14 & Galations 6 v1-6

Why has the church survived over 100 years.
Five reasons:
Fellowship – 1 Peter 3 v8,9 Loving one another with kindness, humility, giving and helpfulness.

Hospitality – Luke 14 At Tapton you can expect to get a warm welcome. Simple love and humble giving.

Support – Galations 6 The church has offered a place of solace, help with burdens, assistance from others and importantly help from our Lord Jesus Christ.

Love of Jesus Christ – Matthew 22:37&38 Never changing unlike that of people. There have been darker times at the church: Congregation of 2, condemned roof and no money, however previous members had the comitment to keep the church open.

Love of each other – this is a command that drives us on. Matthew 22 v39.

May the church flourish over the next century.

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