Wednesday worship 17th March 2021 led by Mr Darryl Lomas

Reading 2 Chronicles: 11-23

Darryl started by telling us about a number of new words that arose during WW II then asked what new words we had learned since the start of the Covid pandemic.

Darryl chose to focus on the term ‘Social distancing’.

In Luke 4:1-15 we read of Jesus in the wilderness facing the temptation of Satan. Certainly socially distanced but he took the opportunity to focus on the important things in life. What the priorities were in his life which was to be time limited.

Our social distancing requirements are not as drastic as those faced by Jesus, few of us have gone 40 days without food.

Covid has given us the time ti think and reflect, even brood on what life holds as we move forward. Who or what is important in our lives? How will we move forward in serving God?

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