Sunday 15th March 2020 – Christening of Rosie McClean

Leader : Suzanne Nockels

Welcome to family and friends  and welcome to friends from St Polycarp’s church   this is a joint service for both churches.

Baptism of Rosie  Lisa McClean    daughter of Josh and Genevieve  granddaughter of Joanne  and great granddaughter of Alan and Pat Seedhouse

We were asked to write a prayer for Rosie on cards  which Josh and Gen will  keep for her.

A childrens bible candle and certificate were given to the family by Keith and Sally Bradley who are the church contact for Josh and Gen for the future.

Reading : Psalm 16  read by Lisa,  Gen’s Mum.    Suzanne then discussed the Ten Commandments in Exodus    These should be the boundaries of our lives.  Guidelines for living

Aaron and the golden calf     when Moses wa up the mountain the people asked Aaron go give them something to worship  so he fashioned a golden calf and the people rejoiced and celebrated   when Moses came back he was horrified and annoyed and he smashed the calf. Do we sometimes worship man made things,  money etc., and forget God ?

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