Sunday worship – 1st March 2020

Led by Rev Suzanne Nockels

Theme – wilderness

Readings:  Exodus 3:1-4,  1 Peter 3:12

The Exodus was a significant point in history.

In Matthew 4:1 Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness. Was it a nod to the earlier Exodus.

Joseph invited his whole family to stay and Pharaoh became concerned by a potential immigration problem. His concerns led him to turn the race into slaves in order to ‘break’ them.

He then arranged for the death of all the baby boys similar to the Christmas story and Herod.

During the exodus the spotlight falls on the mother placing Moses in a basket = ark in Hebrew. The basket being found by a Princess and the baby growing up to make a huge difference in the world whilst the mother becomes a child minder. God remembers his promise and saves them.

Moses on the run after killing a guard faces the power of the Pharaoh. Moses as a slave in his head considers himself to be a nobody. Pharaoh is stubborn and likes the cheap labour.

God sides with Moses and sends plagues and Moses gains power whilst Pharaoh is broken.

Where and who are we?  A slave, the Princess, Moses or the Pharaoh


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