Sunday worship 25th November 2018

Led by Jonathan Youdan

Readings: Genesis 1:1-3 & 24-31      Colossians 1:15-20     John 1:1-10

Jonathan considered the different ideas of the Creation narrative in Genesis.  Is it a literally true story or a folk story?

He compared the study of natural sciences with Physical science exploring the How, and Metaphysical sciences Why?  He asked why waste time disputing the reasons when we should just glory in the fact it has happened.

He related the story told by Canon Michael Green of a man walking across a field who finds a watch. It was clearly made by someone not put together by chance.

Consider the beauty of the universe comprised of 92 elements in an ordered state. In Genesis God looked at the creation and was pleased.  Unfortunately the world is not the same now and we read of it changing by Genesis Chapter 3.

Trustees accept responsibility, they may not be the owners but legally maintain and ensure the correct use of buildings and running of organisations. In Gen 1:28 mankind becomes the trustees and stewards of the world.

Jonathan went on to consider the production of cash crops, natural resources being used up and environmental issues.  We need to be aware of such issues and make things happen. The public has massive influence – consider ‘Fairtrade’ and use of plastics.

Question your MP and that way we can make the world more pleasing for God.


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