Bible Study

Last night’s Bible study was very enjoyable, there was only a few of us this time but there was a great discussion.

We finished off talking about David Peel’s list of the 10 elements of worship. This time we talked about ‘Recollection’ and ‘Teaching’.

By recollection is mean talking about things past, this is often the case in our Bible readings, that we reflect on the stories of the people of God in scripture. Preachers frequently refer to stories in their own lives that illustrate the point that they are making. We agreed that personal stories and anecdotes are very helpful in preaching – as long as they are there to illustrate a point.

We read Psalms 104 and 105 and talked about the differences and similarities. We particularly liked Psalm 104, and I think I will include it in worship before too long. It recollects God’s might acts of creation, and we said that it would be good to read it out accompanied by projected pictures of the things mentioned in the verses, stars, the moon, the sea, various creatures etc.

We talked about teaching as a part of worship, and most people were very comfortable with the amount of teaching that we receive in our Sunday worship.

Bible Study is on the fourth Wednesday of every month, but this can change occasionally (for example we didn’t have one in December because it was just before Christmas) so check the Church Diary before setting out for the next one.

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