Wednesday 24th January 2018

Bible study led by Darryl Lomas

Matthew 14  v 44  A man found treasure and bought the field it was in so he could keep the treasure.  This gave him contentment and joy

Paul in prison writes to the Phillipians in  Ch4  v 10 – 23  thanking them for their gifts and thoughts and telling them how content he was with his life.

What brings us joy and contentment?  When is it easier to be content?

Could we be content in a prison or in other difficult circumstances and would it be easier if  we had contact with good friends  who sent gifts and letters ctc.?   Joy can be from giving generously and sacrificially   and can be from receiving as well as giving.

These points were discussed and this proved very interesting.    Different personalities and situations affect how we give or accept gifts  butalways  friendships are important in being part of the contentment and joy in our lives.

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