Sunday 17th December 2018

Carols by candlelight service
Leader: Suzanne Nockels
Isaiah 9
The people who walked in darkness
have seen a great light
those who lived in a land of deep darkness
on them light has shined
We lit another advent candle
Between carols
We saw an enactment of a mother struggling with shopping, food, presents, children – carrying a physical and emotional burden.
We saw a shepherd, one of the lowest of the low – shunned by the people in the city, who was carrying a burden of being an outcast and yet the shepherds were the first people the angels told of the birth of the baby Jesus.
We are all carrying a burden of one sort or another … we were given a pebble each – as a symbol of the  load we carry and we brought these to the manger and left them there. We also had a candle each which we lit and also brought to the manger – so we had brought our problems to Him and also seen the light shone in our lives.
Mary had put her faith in the Lord when she was told she would have a baby – she had courage .. we all need courage during our lives to face whatever challengers are put before us – but if we trust in Him and bring our burdens to Him then we will all see the light.
Thanks to all the members of the congregation who took part in this service.   Thanks also to those who had decorated the church with all the candles etc.

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