Sunday worship 30 July 2017

Led by Jonathan Youdan

Readings: Isa 61  and Luke 6:17-26

Text – ‘Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh’ (NRSV)

Jonathan defined crying and asked why we cry? Is it because of friends or enemies, work or lack of work, family or church. Jonathan highlighted that most times it is as a result of contact with people usually due to frustration, regret, sorrow or failure.

Lou Goetz a Baseball coach coined the phrase as an umpire’ When you are right no one remembers, when wrong people always remember.’

Was this passage from Luke another version of that from the Sermon on the Mount  in Matthew but in a different chronological order?  Luke is more direct, more practical  and more personal aimed at YOU.   People listening to Jesus would recognise his message was personal to them.

Jesus says woe to you who laugh. For humans weeping is normal but you will be comforted by God.  Is there always something better to come?

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