Palm Sunday 20th March 2016

Today’s service was arranged by John Silverton, our organist. and was led by John and Suzanne Nockels and other members of the congregation.
We started with the commemoration of the Lord’s entry into Jerusalem and went right through until his crucifiction. The lamentations of Jeremiah were included and Lamentations was the subject of Suzanne’s talk.
Listening – when do we listen and when do we tune out?
What would we have heard if we were in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday – the joyful cries of the people, the shouting and waving of palms, the noise of the donkey trotting and would we have shut out the sound of the jeering, the angry cries??
Lamentaion is a cry of sorrow from deep anquish – we cannot pretend all is OK – it is not always personal (as Jeremiah or Christ) sometimes it is public.
Jesus grieved for the people’s lack of faith. He asked “My God why hast thou forsaken me” Two laments – there are no easy answers to laments but we are given hope – God is there -He does listen – His compassions they fail not.

Thanks to John and all those who helped this afternoon

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