Sunday worship 18th October 2015

Led by Rev Suzanne Nockels

Suzanne reflected on the life of Edith Cavell and posed the question what will we die for or more importantly what do we live for?

Sermon based on readings Mark 8:34-38 & Romans 6:1-11

Jesus is in Caesarea Philippi found in the Golan Heights on the Jewish border with Syria and named after two Roman leaders in Augustus Caesar and Philip who ruled with rampant power and fear.

The area was also scattered with statues and images of Pan, the God of nature and all things wild.

It also became the scene of an emotional boundary between Peter and Jesus Christ. Peter cannot understand why Jesus will suffer when he has come as the long awaited King and God among the people.

This is one of the biggest put downs in the bible as Jesus clearly shows Peter there is no middle ground. Has Peter got it so wrong he will question his discipleship so far and where does he start again?

Have we ever been challenged to make a sacrifice for someone else? Can such a sacrifice be liberating?

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us on the cross, he was not afraid as he died to free us.

Will Christian belief lead to obedience and suffering as a result? Discipleship does come at a price!

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