Sunday 1st June 2014

Leader : John Gotel
Prayers/readings: Christine Wilson
Talk:   Ben Shaw
From Fulwood Preaching Team

Reading:  Romans 8:  18-25

The The future glory, anticipation of what is to come.

Psalm 98 Celebration of what is to come.
What makes us sing??
A celebration? In church? Happiness?
The psalmist has no struggle with this question – he has three reasons to sing and tell everyone to do the same.
1. The past – Exodus – sing for joy at what God did for them.
2. Direction – make a loud noise – join all creation in singing God’s praise.
Colossians 1 15-16 Jesus is Lord – it is only right that creation should praise Him.
3. Sing for joy of what God WILL do. Something bigger and greater. God’s judgement is good and fair.
Look outward, not inward.
Sing for the joy of what God has done, wants us to do in the present, and for what he will do.

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