Wednesday 28th May 2014

Bible Study
Leader: Mary Coates
John 6 v 25 – 34
Jesus had just fed the five thousand and crossed over to Capernaum but the people followed him there. It was at this point that Jesus spoke to them about “The Bread of Life” but they did not understand. This is a difficult passage which we discussed at great length.
Bread is a necessity as is water
In John 4 v 13 Jesus told the Samaritan woman he was “the water of life”. Just as we need bread and water to sustain our bodies we need Jesus to sustain our day to day lives – he is a necessity.
We then went on to v 43 – 58
Bread and wine – bread and blood
The Communion Service
For those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Eat the bread and drink the wine and believe in Him and you will have eternal life.

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