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Sunday 29th December 2019

Monday, December 30th, 2019

The last Sunday of the year  led by Rev Suzanne Nockels

We were shown photographs of events which had taken place at Tapton during the year and asked what they were and did we remember them.       Did we treasure any of these events more than any other ?     In Matthew 18 21-35 we heard of the servant who owed his master  and when he pleaded he was let off the debt  but he went out and met someone who owed him  and he demanded his money     when his master heard     what he had done  he was annoyed and punished the man.           Jesus was asked how many times should we forgive  – 7 times ?  No   we must always try to forgive.    Letting go of a grudge can be very difficult   how many time has Jesus forgiven us ??      Let us go into 2020  remembering the things we have treasured in the last year  and forgiving and forgetting all the bad things.

Sunday 22nd December 2019

Sunday, December 22nd, 2019

The singing at our carol service today was led by some members of the Loxley Silver Band    the church was full and together with readings of the story of the birth of Christ we had  poems by John Betjamen and Alan Titchmarsh,  and other works by various authors   read by members of the congregation        it was a truly uplifting service     Followed by refreshments in the hall      no better way to start Christmas.


There will be a short service on Christmas Day at 10.15a.m.

Sunday 15th December 2019

Sunday, December 15th, 2019

Leader : Suzanne Nockels     Where wil you be at Christmas, will you be at home or away visiting,  who will you be with?      Sometimes visits are not good  and we come away wishing we had never gone,  other times  we get so much from the visit we could have stayed longer.  We give of ourelves when we visit  and we receive from who we are visiting.

Luke 1     Mary went to visit her cousin Elisabeth when  both were pregnant  and both benefited from the visit  :  Mary  received love and affection,  assurance that Elizabeth believed in the miracle of her baby,  Elizabeth,  the older woman received comfort to be told that God was with her,    Mary sang a song that has been passed down through generations,The Magnificat  Luke  1  v 46.   Mary was not the meek and mild girl so often shown,  she was courageous  she travelled 70 miles over  difficult terrain to visit Elizabeth,  she voiced her opinion,  she went with Joseph to Egypt on a donkey,  she gave birth in a stable  and she accepted the praise of all who came to see her baby but most importantly she was chosen by God to have the baby

We are all weary because of things that have taken place recently  and we are ready to enjoy carols and visiting and receiving visitors   and to receive emotional support as well as give of ourselves to anyone who needs us.     We have hopes   will you  ask anyone you meet what are their hopes for the future

We heard from Bernie who told us about the charity Maher which we are supporting this year   It was founded by a catholic nun who originally opened one home in India to help women   there are now 45 homes  helping women and children  some  are mentally disadvantaged, some very elderly,  abused,  or destitute   all being helped to look to the future when they leave Maher.

Sunday 8th December 2019 CHURCH ANNIVERSARY

Monday, December 9th, 2019

Leader : Rev.Dr Janet  Wootton    Light in the darkness                                Janet began by wishing the church Happy 166th Birthday and said her theme was Light and a light had shone through the windows for 166 years.

A worker for Chocolate Box, run by the Church Army, then told us about  the work they are doing  bringing caring and help to vulnerable women  –  a light in their lives.

We were then shown the new “Welcome” sign that we had all painted a small part of  – this will go in the front porch to welcome all who enter from us all.

Janet’s theme for her year as President of the Congregational Federation is  “The future of the Federation”  we were all asked to write down what we thought was the basis of Congregationalism and Janet discussed these thoughts.

We follow Christ as head of the church and are self  supporting so only have Him to answer to.

CHURCH ANNIVERSARY 8th December 2019

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019

Rev Dr Janet Wootton  President of Congregational Federation will lead our service and we will also have a visit from one of the helpers at another of the charities we are supporting this year at 2.45   all welcome.

Please remember Loxley Silver band are coming to lead carol singing on the 22nd Dec at 2.45


Sunday 1st December 2019 ADVENT SUNDAY

Sunday, December 1st, 2019

Leader :Suzanne Nockels        Boxes-   imagine living out of  a box or suitcase    not being settled    in a “between time”  what does the future hold ?    i.e refugees,  flood victims,   homeless.                                                                                                            Today we heard a speaker from the Good News Family Care Home in |Buxton  who told us the work they are doing with abused and vulnerable people   since opening in 1994 they have helped more than 3,400 individuals who were in an in between place..   They also have a farm where people with problems can be helped by working with the animals  particularly  horses  This is one of the charities we are supporting this year and it was extremely interesting to hear what they do   Gods Love in Action.

Reading :   Matthew 24 36-44         we know how anxious we get when we are waiting for something   and it is late we keep watch      we  all have times of waiting and watching  Matthew talks about waiting  one day Jesus will come   are you watching    are you ready ?