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Sunday worship – Father’s Day – 17th June 2018

Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Led by Rev Suzanne Nockels

Reading:  Luke 15:11-32

As this is Fathers Day Suzanne chose the parable of the Prodigal Son.  Choosing two members of the congregation to act out the roles of the Father and the son who requested his inheritance early. Having squandered his money and suffered the ignominy of eating with the pigs he returns home to be welcomed by his father who does the shocking thing of running to greet him.

The older son who worked hard on the land takes umbridge and questions why his father had never thrown a party for him?  He misses the point that God is always welcoming and in the Father we see that he saw the son a long way off suggesting he was always looking for him returning as is God our Father.

The older son should recognise what is available in the Fathers House and avail himself of those things.  He should not feel he is better than the younger son for what he has done.

In our ordinary lives we have to interact with people. We should have a mission to breathe together the Holy Spirit and love one another. This should change where we stand for love in the Kingdom of God.  In Paul’s letter to Ephesus he starts close to home with the family and we are in a good position to enhance family values with fuller and richer lives.

The letter to the Ephesians is radical suggesting mutual submission whoever we are and in a patriarchal world this was controversial. Eph 4 particularly controversial as fathers had tremendous power. Paul is saying transcend the normal dad with love.

Take a breath of Spirit and become agents for the Kingdom of God  Why – because our faith demands it.

Sunday 3rd June 2018

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

Leader : Suzanne Nockels                                                                                                         Baptism of baby James Peter Bradley                                                                   The theme for the afternoon was prayer.           It was good the see the church full  with young couples and their children  all happy to worship together and to share food and fellowship afterwards.