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Sunday 27th December 2015

Sunday, December 27th, 2015

Leader: Darryl Lomas (Church Secretary)
Readings: Matthew 2 v7
Luke 2 v 1
Perfect Christmas
Over the last few months we have been advised by TV, shops, adverts and friends how to prepare for and to have a perfect Christmas.
Did this advice help – did you have a perfect Christmas?
50 years ago there were problems with poverty in the world – it is the same today – will it be the same in another 50 years??
If we were to go back 2,000 years how would we advertise a perfect Christmas?
What would be the main starting points —
A King – Royalty that’s good
Mary – a young mother pure na├»ve a good example
Wise Men from the East – surely worth a mention
Shepherds – No too rough and ready not important not perfect.
Setting?? A stable – oh dear no – too smelly, dirty, chaotic certainly not perfect.
Today most of our food is eaten, the presents used, some broken, some unwanted, the wrapping paper so carefully used is now torn and thrown away – mess is left – not perfect
However dark and smelly the stable was it gave us Jesus who is perfect – remember that when you ignore things which you feel are not perfect.



Saturday, December 26th, 2015

Suzanne Nockels led our service this morning – her theme was “Knock knock”
Is you door shut to anyone who is knocking?
Do you open your door to anyone who knocks?
Do you open the door but say “there is no room”
God’s son was born in a stable because there was no room
Perhaps a good start to 2016 would be for us to listen for anyone knocking – needing our help – or just an ear to listen – you never know it might be you knocking one day.

25th December 2015

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

Christmas Day
There will be a short service at Tapton at 10.15

Sunday 20th December 2015

Sunday, December 20th, 2015

Carols by candlelight
Leader: Suzanne Nockels
We lit the fourth candle on the advent ring.
Suzanne then dedicated the lovely clock given by the Dawson family in memory of Chris who had been a very good friend to all of us at Tapton.
The carol service then began with carols and members of the church reading the parts of various people in the nativity story, Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, wise men all with the theme “coming and going” telling how the announcement and birth of a baby had affected them all, from the meekest to the wisest they were all involved they all worshipped a baby, and we can do that.

But don’t forget Christmas without Christ is nothing.

Thursday 17th December 2015

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

Carols at Kings Court Crosspool
A few of us from Tapton went along with Suzanne, Keith and Isaac to join with the folk at Kings Court to sing carols and listen to Suzanne talking about Angels. Isaac sang “O come all ye faithful” for us. It was a very pleasant evening with crackers, hats, jokes and after Suzanne’s talk and the singing of several carols we enjoyed a chat and mince pies.

Sunday 13th December 2015

Monday, December 14th, 2015

Leader: Rev. Suzanne Nockels
We lit another candle on the advent ring
Presents: sometimes bought to replace something worn out, sometimes we buy what the person already has and sometimes we buy a present for someone when we really want it for ourselves – in 2 Sam.7 v 1 we read what David wanted from Nathan for God but God did not want that. Presents do not always create love.
Luke 1 26-38
There have been many famous Mary’s throughout time but one of the most famous is Mary Mother of Jesus. Many paintings portray her as a very young, innocent, meek and pure girl but she was chosen by God to be the mother of His Son so she must have had many characteristics that are not portrayed in pictures. If we were to do a “flashback” for Mary later in life we would see a good mother, a caring mother, she did not understand immediately what Gabriel was telling her but through the following years it was proved God had chosen right – she told her son when the wine ran out at the wedding and he performed his first miracle She had to watch her son die on a cross – she had brought him into the world and she saw him leave it.

She was left with John and the disciples to carry on His work.

Her love was steadfast through it all the world was changed because she said “Yes” to God

Have you said Yes to God ???

Sunday 6th December 2015

Sunday, December 6th, 2015

Leader :
Rev Alan Hindmarch
Readings :Malachai 3 1-4
Luke 3 1-6
There was a voice calling in the wilderness “Prepare the way for the Lord”
Godspell tells the story of Christ but it is not complete until he comes again
At the time of Christ there was confusion some could not accept that an ordinary man could possibly be the Messiah and even today there is confusion and despair – will he ever come again??
Live your life in such a way that people will respect you whatever your background It is how we live how we love that matters.
Seeking to make lives better is how we can prepare the way.

Today we lit the second candle on the advent ring.

Today was also Gift Sunday we brought gifts for the Good News Home in Buxton and play equipment for a school in Huddersfield also gifts of money for a Christian puppet group who go round schools in the Huddersfield area.