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Sunday 29th June 2014

Sunday, June 29th, 2014

Leader : Margaret Wells
The Way, The Truth, The Life
Readings: Acts 7 55-60 Stephen Stoned
John 14 1-14 Jesus, the way, the truth, the life.
What is home?? How do you think of home??
Most homes have rules – but the door is left open.
We have a lot of “if onlys” in our lives – dreams, wishes. We are restless and long for peace – the peace of a loving welcoming home.
Jesus said ” Do not be troubled, in my Father’s house there are many rooms and I go to prepare a place for you” A home to look forward to going to at the end of our lives on this earth.
But not just for the future – our time here is with God and His son – it’s what we do now that matters
Love one another.

Organ Recital – Saturday 28 June 2014

Sunday, June 29th, 2014

Yet again John Silverton proved what an excellent organist he is by playing a number of interesting and challenging  pieces.

It was disappointing that there were so few in the audience to appreciate the amount of work John had put into the evening.

Thanks also to Dr Sally Bradley assisting John by turning the music but also operating the stops for one particularly tricky piece.

Bible Study Wednesday 25th June

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Reading Luke 4: 16-30

Jesus is welcomed into his home synagogue but what he had to say was not expected nor welcome. The mood of the people changed and they took Jesus, this son of the carpenter, to throw him off a cliff. He was able to avoid this fate.

Jesus made it clear God was not just for the Jews but available to everyone .

Sunday 22nd June 2014

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

Service led by Louise and Julian Yawlls

On the Theme of ‘Joy’

Louise began by explaining as part of her work for the chaplaincy of the Church Army she regularly gets asked the question, ” where is God when bad things happen to good people?”

Sometimes life can be very difficult and often as Christians we may worry we shouldn’t be feeling depressed or unhappy. However even Jesus felt these very emotions .
We had time to discuss the word ‘Joy’ and people had many ideas about what ‘Joy’ meant.

Louise read from Habakkuk Ch.1 v 1-7 and Ch.1 v 17-19.
Habakkuk was having a difficult time. Corruption and Idol worship were rife, people were turning away from God. Sound familiar? He despaired and prayed to God for help. God responded by sending the Babylonians (Habakkuk’s enemies) to invade and virtually destroy Habakkuk’s country! Not exactly what Habakkuk had in mind! A reminder from God that he was very much in control and would sort problems out but in his own way! Habakkuk made the choice to trust in God and despite what was happening around him remember the good things he had had in life and to turn to his faith and find the peace and ‘Joy’ that that brings him.

Gods own strength can radiate to us and give us strength even in the darkest moments . This peace and love will bring us ‘Joy’.

We have to trust God and allow him to do his work even when we don’t always understand what is happening.

Sharing ‘Joy’ and being thankful with others will spread like warmth through us and help us feel closer to God. Despite what is happening around us even in these dark times choose to stay close to God…

“Choose to rejoice in the lord and find ‘Joy'”

Sunday 15th June 2014

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Led by our very own Darryl Lomas

Readings – Luke 4:1-15, Ephesians 6:10-20, Revelations 2:8-10

Darryl had recently visited the Isle of Islay on holiday.  In the capital Bowmore is a circular church built in that way to prevent the devil hiding in the corners.

This led Darryl to think that over recent years the church had not had many sermons dealing with the devil,  reflecting on his early days at the church when he would hear fire and brimstone sermons about satan. Is the change because the preacher may upset the congregation, put people off  attending church or is it because it is too close to home?

The work of the devil is still real despite the modern sense of the devil being a cartoon character, cute tattoos and a figure of fun as people dress in devil costumes.

In the reading we heard how Jesus dealt with temptation and we need to be wary of having our heads turned today.  We may be tempted but thanks to the death of Christ on the cross we have  a way back and can be forgiven.

We are in a war with the devil and must continually pray and be vigilant, helping the weak and fallen.


Jesus Christ saves!

Wednesday 11th June 2014

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Bible Study
Leader: Mary Coates
We started the evening thinking about Paul’s persecution of Christians and his conversion on the road to Damascus. His visit to Ananias and the restoration of his sight. Acts 9 3 – 18
We then moved on to discuss the various times Paul suffered persecution when he was travelling to spread the word. It had been agreed with the Disciples that they would stay in Jerusalem with the Jews and Paul’s mission would be to travel to preach the gospel to the Gentiles (Paul himself was a Jew). Two examples being :
He was jailed by Romans
Acts 16 16-36
he was shipwrecked Acts 27 27 – 38. There are other reports.
Having discussed the reaction of Jews and Romans to Paul we went on to talk about what our reaction would be now??

Sunday 8th June 2014

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

Pentecost              Whitsuntide
20 of us from Tapton joined the churches of the West Branch of the former Sheffield Christian Education Council for a joyful service at Wesley Hall, Crookes, each church taking a part during the service.
Leader : Darryl Lomas
Readings:    Keith Bradley    Acts 1:  4-8  Acts 2: 1-4
Rev. John Simms then gave a talk.
Nobody likes to wait – but the waiting was now over – 50 days since Jesus’s resurrection – Pentecost – the power came down from High – a rushing mighty wind, tongues of fire.
Was it worth waiting for?
Power is important – trying to live without power is no good. Today – Pentecost – is the day of power. We need to be “plugged in” to the power of the Lord.
Pippa, Mary and Anne-Marie then entertained us with piano/violin and solo.
Darryl reflected on Whitsuntide in “the old days”. Getting up early to “peg up” in the park. New clothes. Gathering at church to walk to the park with our banner and meeting up with other churches and their bands. The May Queens and the singing. Then back to church for games and tea.
Whitsuntide used to be a big day which we all looked forward to – times have changed but it is still a big day for us all. We still meet together as one family.
We sang all 8 hymns on the sheet and were well ready for the cup of tea afterwards.

Saturday 7th June Table tennis end of season social

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

A BBQ was held  to celebrate the second season of the church playing in the Sheffield Table Tennis League.  The weather forecast was dreadful with thunder, lightening and gusty winds predicted but by 5pm when the dozen or so guests started to arrive the sun had come out and we enjoyed a glorious summers evening.  Praise the Lord

When the rain did arrive at 7pm we went indoors and held a darts competition. The winner was our reigning club TT champion David Owens.


Sunday, June 1st, 2014

There will NOT be a service at Tapton next Sunday (8th June) as we will be joining other churches in the West Branch for the annual Whitsuntide Sing at Wesley Hall, Crookes at 2.45p.m.

Sunday 1st June 2014

Sunday, June 1st, 2014

Leader : John Gotel
Prayers/readings: Christine Wilson
Talk:   Ben Shaw
From Fulwood Preaching Team

Reading:  Romans 8:  18-25

The The future glory, anticipation of what is to come.

Psalm 98 Celebration of what is to come.
What makes us sing??
A celebration? In church? Happiness?
The psalmist has no struggle with this question – he has three reasons to sing and tell everyone to do the same.
1. The past – Exodus – sing for joy at what God did for them.
2. Direction – make a loud noise – join all creation in singing God’s praise.
Colossians 1 15-16 Jesus is Lord – it is only right that creation should praise Him.
3. Sing for joy of what God WILL do. Something bigger and greater. God’s judgement is good and fair.
Look outward, not inward.
Sing for the joy of what God has done, wants us to do in the present, and for what he will do.