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Sunday 27th October 2013

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

Leader : Jonathan Youden
Readings: Jeremiah 29 7 – 13
“Jeremiah complains to the Lord”
Matthew 10 16 -24
Coming persecution
Acts 20 17 – 35
“Paul’s farewell speech”
The National Press and the Media always seems to focus on indiscretions by someone important – not on the good things that are happening.
Someone once said “Live your life so you can give the vicar your parrot”
Bad news will almost always burst out – we should make sure that Good News is what we are bursting to tell. We are told “you will be persecuted for your beliefs but keep on” Paul was expecting to be persecuted when he went to Jerusalem but he still went.
Is there a fire within you waiting to burst out??? We are called to go out and tell, by words and actions – tell everyone what God has done don’t be like the three wise monkeys but
See Hear Speak
The Love of God


Sunday, October 27th, 2013

Saturday 26th October 2013
Those of us who managed to get to hear Robin on Saturday were not disappointed. Not only did we learn about his three harps and the origins of harp music, we were enthralled with his fingering and also with the music.
What a wonderful way to spend an evening.

Bible Study Wednesday 23rd October 2013

Friday, October 25th, 2013

Reading :
Matthew 6 5-15
“Teaching about Prayer”
verses 9 – 13 are “The Lords Prayer”
Even though so well known to us all these verses led to much interesting discussion.

Saturday 26th October 2013

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Harp Concert given by Robin Ward International Harpist @ from 2308085 £8 and concessions £5

Sunday 20th October 2013

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Leader: Edwin Ashforth
Readings: John 20 v 19-23 Jesus appears to his disciples
John 20 24-31 Doubting Thomas
It is autumn now seasons change – dark nights are here – our attitudes change – we lock our doors – darkness tends to bring fear.
To emphasise the point John mentions twice that the doors were locked when Jesus appeared – why? Fear? Terror? Jesus had risen from the dead – their hearts were pounding – Romans were outside – and Jesus came to them. When does he come to us? When we are afraid? it is a comfort to know that he WILL come to us – through locked doors – when we are weak and cannot cope – he will say “Peace be with you”
Our doors are locked through a fear of the unknown, seeing and believing or not seeing and still believing – be brave – do not doubt.
Jesus does not only visit believers, we need to recognize when we have locked doors in our lives and let him in.
Don’t be a doubting Thomas – believe and Peace will be with you.

Sunday 13th October 2013

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

Leader: Glyn Jones
Readings: Genesis 1 26-28 31
God made all kinds of animals and human beings
John 15 1 – 8 ” I am the true vine, my father is the gardener and you are the branches” Bear much fruit
Ephesians 1 1-14 He predestined us – in Him we have redemption
Why do we want to know our family tree. Glyn gave a brief history of his parents – What determines our identity? Family? Traditions? Christian denominations?? Does what we do define who we are?? Is it what we look like? Is it our sufferings? so many many questions With cross reference to the readings
Genesis – man was made “in His own image” each of is unique – we are to mirror God to others – who do we see when we look in a mirror??
Jesus is The True Vine – our identity lies in Christ – pruning is necessary to ensure we bear much fruit.
Paul in his letter talks about the same struggles then as today – Christians can maintain their identity “IN CHRIST”
this is mentioned 36 times in Ephesians
Keep your identity In Christ – mirror his image Life in all its fullness is Our Identity

Saturday 12 October 2013 – Talk by Suzannah Bingham

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

Suzannah returned to the church with yet another very interesting talk on ‘Back to Back houses’.
The subject was much wider than the title suggested and was a whistle stop tour of social history from the one room, back to back houses, through to modern day high rise flats. What we might have in our kitchens and drawing rooms, through to a comparison of the cost of everyday appliances found in the home.

Were the ‘good old days’ so good? A straw poll of those present perhaps suggests not!

Bible Study Wednesday 9th October 2013

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Leader: Keith Bradley
The Creed
Christian Beliefs
We discussed our beliefs. Time was spent discussing the life of Jesus Christ between his “being born of the Virgin Mary” and “He suffered under Pontius Pilate” He performed many miracles, he told many parables, he went around doing good and spreading the word about his Father even though this eventually led to his death on the cross – his life and deeds were recorded and have remained for thousands of years as a true record – there were many witnesses to all his acts and these would have contradicted the stories if they were not true. Our beliefs are based on fact not fiction. May we go on from here, as Jesus did and told us to do, trying to do good and spreading the word.

Back to Back Houses – talk by Susannah Bingham

Sunday, October 6th, 2013

7pm Saturday 12th October 2013

Pay on the door

Sunday Service 6th October 2013

Sunday, October 6th, 2013

Led by Rev Alan Hindmarch

With readings from Timothy and Luke, Alan reminded us of the need to thank God for those things we take for granted. He included personal experiences to illustrate examples such as water, crops heating and food.