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Sunday 28th July 2013

Sunday, July 28th, 2013

Leader: Margaret Wells
we started the afternoon with the hymn “Summer Suns are glowing over land and sea”
Readings: Luke 7 v 1-10 The Roman officer’s servant was healed, through faith.
Galations 1 v 1 – 12
Letter from Paul to the Jews. He was annoyed with them. We have choices in our lives BUT there is no choice with God – there is only one way, faith/belief/trust. Good works do not count. Our faith should bring peace and love to the Glory of God.
We are human, we have doubts, but we must always keep our faith in Jesus.
Can we say “I believe, I have faith in my Lord Jesus Christ” and mean what we say???

Prayer and a pint

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Last Friday following prayer and reflection at the church half a dozen members attended the Crosspool Tavern and due to the fantastic weather were able to enjoy refreshments outside.

Table Tennis Club

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

On Monday 22 July, 8 members of the club turned up for training with Steve.

Unfortunately the club captain Neil has resigned for pastures new but those present were positive about the future of the club and decided there is now sufficient interest to enter two teams in the Sheffield Table Tennis League next season.

We are always on the look out for new players and if you are interested in playing contact Keith Bradley on

Training is held on a Monday evening and home matches will be played on a Tuesday.

Service 20th July 2013

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Led by Brenda Emms

Readings 2 Samuel 22 v1-8 and John 10 v1-18

Brenda gave an enthusiastic message of praising, knowing and loving Jesus Christ to gain eternal life.

David was a young shepherd who trusted God. So much so that he went out to fight Goliath rejecting protective armour knowing he had God’s protection.

David was just an ordinary person and not perfect but God still chose him. We need God in our lives. We look at our ability but God knows our weaknesses. God will help us and we read of the Good Shepherd who will lay down their life for his sheep.

Do we get excited that God will feed us the right sort of food…… He will find us the right pasture and will provide life in all fullness.

We are not forced to be Christians – communion with the Lord is free to all.

Brenda finished the service with a version of the hymn ‘The lord is my shepherd’.

Sunday Service 14 July 2013 – Fulwood Preaching Team

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

Led by Fulwood Preaching Team – sermon by Warren Gilchrist

Readings: James 2 v14-20 Extracts from Revelations

Theme – Faith & Action

At the end of Matthew’s gospel there is the great commission to go out and make disciples of all nations …….teaching them to observe all I have commanded them. Matthew lays it out in the Sermon on the Mount Let your light shine that men see your ‘Good works’.

What are the good works?
The church in Rome used to have a bishop and sixty clergy looking after the sick, widows, orphans and in Sheffield today there are a number of Christian led organisations providing care and support. The Archer project, the church soup run, Emmaus Project and the Roman Catholic centre for the homeless.

Good works are not enough though. Inspired by God we need to be equipped to complete good works through prayer, study, reading and thought. The readings from Revelation reflected on a number of good works.

In James we read more of what the good works involves, being a servant of God and Jesus Christ. Jesus was a servant of God and and a servant of others. Being his servant brings us nearer to God.

God opens the door for us to carry out the work. He also closes doors.

Good works are not for the special occasion but everyday and all occasions.

Last weekend

Monday, July 8th, 2013

During a full weekend of British sporting success by The Lions, Andy Murray and Chris Frome – we at Tapton had another busy weekend in our centenary year.

On Saturday afternoon as part of Crosspool Carnival, some members of the congregation helped out at Crosspool Fun Day, providing cream teas at Coldwell Lane Community Centre. In the evening the organist from Tapton, John Silverton, gave a fantastic organ recital showing not only his skill on the pipe organ but also his wide knowledge of the composers.

Overnight on Saturday the church was represented on the Christian Aid night hike finishing with sausage sarni provided at St Luke’s Church at Lodgemoor

Sunday lunchtime we joined members from other Crosspool Churches at an open air service in Lydgate Lane, with music provided by Chapeltown Silver Band and an address on the work of Sheffield Churches Council for Community Care by CEX Briony Broome.

This was followed on Sunday afternoon with our usual service led by Rev Bill Bentham and his wife Betty who is Chairperson of the North East Area of the Congregational Federation.

Reading Matthew 8 v 23-34

Rev Bentham highlighted the differences that occur between the various gospel stories, the different settings and different situations, the writers were not concerned with detail just the events.

This is why preachers can place different emphasis on the same text. In this reading we see Jesus after a busy day taking himself off to sleep in the stern of the boat. The storm, as with problems tend to happen at the end of busy days when we are at our lowest strength.

The disciples knew the lake and were terrified and woke Jesus, probably to help bale out the boat but Jesus as a carpenter not a sailor stands up in the boat. He says ‘Peace be Calm’ and dealt with it in Gods way.

Even when they arrived back on the beach the problems were not over and they were met with the two men possessed by demons. We see the true identity of Jesus revealed as the ‘Son of God’.