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Sunday Worship – Sunday 30th January

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Today’s service was led jointly by myself and Foday Kamara, who treated us to a fresh and powerful message. Foday is from Sierra Leone but now lives in Manchester with his wife Linda and their two children (who joined us for worship). He is a member of Lees Street Congregational Church in Manchester and is training at Luther King House as well as attending training sessions at the Congregational Federation’s headquarters.

His theme today for the children was the call of God and the excuses we make to avoid doing what God is asking us to do. He gave lots of good examples (including Jeremiah) and had some fun with the children in church who competed to see who could come up with the best excuse for getting out of something they don’t like doing.

His main message was about language and diversity. He gave us a fresh reading of the Tower of Babel, with the idea that the ‘confusion’ of languages is a gift from God that we should embrace. He talked most eloquently about his experience as an African in Britain, about different attitudes towards time, freedom of expression, and the difference between the individualism of the West and the group solidarity of Africa. It was a fascinating talk, with a challenge there for us to look more deeply at the gifts that different cultures have to offer each other.

The only sad note of the day was that at the beginning of the service it was announced that Eileen, a much loved member of the church, had passed away in hospital the previous night. Her funeral will be here at the church on Friday 11th February. This is a sad loss for us all, and it comes the day after Dorothy Hinchliffe’s funeral. Foday offered us his sympathy and prayers and assured us that our fellowship will be held in the prayers of his church in the weeks ahead.