Tapton Hill Congregational Church
An independent church founded in 1853 - A member of the Congregational Federation  

We are pleased to confirm we have services in line with Government guidance on Wednesday evenings and every 2nd & 4th Sunday in the 
(see below, church diary or facebook page)

Message from our Minister Rev Suzanne Nockels

Dear Friends,
We are entering into a season of remembrance. In some Churches 
November 1st is All Saints Day when we recall Christians who have 
gone before us, and November 2nd is All Souls Day when we remember 
our loved ones who have gone to glory. Then, of course, we remember
those who died or were injured in war. This year is the first year that we 
can formally gather around the new memorial. Mary Millner will lead prayers
at 11am on November 11th and our Remembrance Sunday Service
will be on November 14th at 2.45pm and conclude around the memorial when 
Ken Pask will lay a wreath.
We as a Church, and many others organised and fundraised for the outside memorial because there wasn’t one in Crosspool even though the area existed
before, during and after the First World War. Sheila Lomas and I have looked 
over the Church minute Books for details of those who served in the armed 
forces and it has puzzled us how little reference there is concerning world 
events compared to the Church’s finances and various sales and concerts.
However, having lived (and still living) through a pandemic I think I understand
the historic silence. There is an overwhelming need to get back to something 
like normal and not re-visit a time of uncertainty. I don’t want to be reminded
of how fearful, doubtful and angry I was at times. I don’t want to think that the
pandemic brought out the worst as well as undoubtedly, the best in people.
don’t want to celebrate an ending that doesn’t quite feel like one or that my 
family survived when others lost those they love.
We need remember to honour those that died and say that their lives mattered.
We remember so that people are not left alone privately struggling with their 
grief. We remember so that we learn from the past even our past selves. 
We remember because we can step into another day and enjoy the small things and so many others can’t. We remember so that tomorrow might be a better world,
not just a repeat of all the old inequalities. Remembering is hard but I think necessary work. 
Our Christmas Charities

This year we are supporting three charities.

BEN’S CENTRE is a shelter for the homeless in Sheffield that also runs
lots of supporting services. They are wanting men’s and women’s pants and
socks (new please!)

GOOD NEWS FAMILY CARE is a refuge near Buxton for those escaping domestic
violence. This year its work is expanding to creating a refuge for men, so
they need men’s toiletries. They also require Christmas food hamper items
for the hampers they give to families ever year.

ANGEL TREE is a scheme run by the Prison Fellowship and Prison Chaplains
to enable prisoners to give a Christmas gift to their children. 
The idea is that you are given a child’s age, gender and interest
and buy a gift of £20. If you want to take part please contact Kathryn Cottyn
at kathryn.cottyn@btinternet.com

Please bring your items for Ben’s Centre and Good News Family Care to 
our Gift Services on Wednesday 1st and 8th December at 6.30pm. Please speak
to Kathryn Cottyn about arrangements for Angel Tree. 
Soup and Roll Club is back but now on Friday.  Please see the Soup and roll page on the web site for details.
Sermons from our services during Covid are available on our church blog.

We are pleased that we are finally allowed to sing in church. We have been joining together in using sign language for our final Blessing. If you wish to learn it yourself please see https://youtu.be/ZWEx4TXmvm4 

Bible studies 
We hold regular bible studies which are are shown on the church blog
Who are we?

As a Congregational Church we are independently run by the members through our Church Meetings, where Spirit led we can all have a say in how we feel is the best way to worship 
our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 

(see Church Diary page or Tapton facebook page for details)

Although independent we belong to the Congregational Federation and are part of Churches Together in Hallam who we occasionally join for ecumenical fellowship 

We are pleased to also offer a home to the Greek Orthodox Community Church in Sheffield.

To get a flavour of what we have been doing please read the reports of our Church Secretary and Minister from the Annual General Meeting on the 'About us' web page.

Congratulations Suzanne

At the annual National Assembly of the Congregational Federation on the 8th May we are pleased our own Rev Suzanne Nockels became the National President of the Congregational Federation.

Children and Young People

Tapton has a Safe from Harm policy and has recently passed an inspection by our national body. To find out more about the various activities outside of the covid pandemic please go to our Junior Church page

Memorial for victims of conflict

We will be having a service on Remembrance Sunday at 2.45pm that will end outside around the memorial. 

Mary will also lead prayers and a moment of silence on 11th November at 11am at the memorial. 




Soup and Roll Club 

RASCALS Breakfast Club Monday - Friday 7am to 8.30am
RASCALS After School Club - Weekdays in term time
see diary for more information