30th March 2014

Mothering Sunday
Leaders; David and Margaret Chennells (from Scunthorpe)
Reading John 9 “Jesus heals the blind man”
5 people read the various parts – we were asked to close our eyes during the reading to get a small idea as to what it is not to be able to see, just to hear. Some people have very good eyesight and some need glasses to help them see. What do we need? The Pharisees accused Jesus of sinning against the law and God – in answer he accused them of being blind to the truth. How blind are you – do you need Jesus to help you to see? The blind man had been left out of society, he was a beggar who had been sitting at the same place most of his life so much so that he had become almost invisible, people did not see him anymore. How often do we not see people in need of our help or caring??
Do we see people as Jesus would have seen them??
We must ask God to open our eyes to help us to see.

During the service all the ladies were given a bunch of daffodils as it was Mother’s day.

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