Bible Study Wednesday 19th March 2014

Leader: John Silverton
Balak and Balaam
Numbers ch.22 23 24
This reading led to much interesting discussion – Balek was King and he summoned Balaam, who was a Midionite who blessed and cursed people for payment , to travel 400 miles to curse the Israelites, but the outcome was not what he wanted. There are two interesting sections to the story – the one of the King and Balaam and one of Balaam and his donkey. Also some beautiful words in the poems. Balaam has been accused of being greedy and of wrongdoing e.g. 2 Peter 2 :15 Rev. 2 : 14 but there is no written evidence to support these claims. He blessed the Israeilites and did NOT accept any reward for it. (see also Micah 6 : 5) As for the poor donkey it had served him faithfully and yet when it saw what he did not he beat it (three times) how often do we “take it out” on our friends if they see/understand things which we do not – we do not wait and question – we just act irrationally.

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