Sunday 2nd February 2014

Leader: Rev. Alan Hindmarch
Readings: Micah 6 1-8 written approx. 700 yrs before Christ. In the days when a goat was chosen to bear the sins of the people and was taken into the desert and left there to die (Scapegoat) the man who took it had to be cleansed when he returned.
1 Corinthians 1 18-31
Matthew 5 1 – 12 “The Sermon on the Mount”
What does God require of us? To act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with him.
Act justly, look for truth,
Love mercy – forgive as we are forgiven.
Walk humbly – don’t be a “know it all”
Be simple minded – we cannot possibly know everything – we cannot have all the answers – we need to believe in Him and live our lives in Him.
Christ chose 12 men not because they were well educated or of high rank – they were humble and they learned of Him. They were able to pass on the truth of God.
We are all part of His family – His kingdom – may we walk with Him.
The service was followed by Holy Communion.

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