Sunday 26th January 2014

Leader : Mary Coates
Readings: Isaiah 62 1-5 (Sally Bradley
John 2 1 – 11 (Ken Pask)
The Wedding at Cana
Talk given by Christine Gore
A very familiar story, but seen from a different angle.
Why did Jesus provide the wine?
Was it a missed opportunity for him?
In those days a wedding would have gone on for a week or more – but the wine ran out. Is Mary just passing gossip to her son or is she asking for his help?? What was his tone of voice when he replied “woman why do you involve me, my time is not yet come” Did he mean it was not time for him to do God’s work? The stone jars were full of clear water – he turned this into wine for everyone. Old into new – sustenance of life.
Paul talks about the church being the bride of Christ – was he being the “”bridegroom” at the wedding by providing the wine for his people?
God does not want us to be solemn – he wants us to enjoy our lives with him – to drink the wine of sustenance.
Mary was audacious in asking Jesus for help – are we audacious enough in our asking ?
God WILL listen to us. But we have to be careful – God is not a magician or a Fairy Godmother – our asking has to be for the right reason – to lead others to God.
We have to be generous in our giving – everybody at the wedding had the wine, we should pass on God’s blessing to all whether we think they deserve it or not – GOD WILL DECIDE.
Think what God has done for you and pass it on
Water changed to wine – ordinary can be changed to extraordinary – we can be changed into something special if we only taste and see.

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