Sunday 19th January 2014

Leader : Pat Moseley
Jesus calls us o’er the tumult of our life’s wild restless sea, day by day his voice is sounding saying “Christian follow me.
What is the difference between Disciple and Apostle
Disciples are called to learn and follow him.
Apostles are called to go out and spread the word.
Readings: Prov.8 v22 Wisdom
Mark 3 13- 19 Jesus calls
Out of all the people gathered Jesus called 12 to be Apostles. they were from all walks of life, from fishermen to tax collector – they were ordinary men called to do extraordinary things. Later Paul was called and he was to be one of the greatest Apostles.
To be disciples we need a belief in Jesus, if we have this then he will use us. People are always watching for mistakes, and we will make them, but Jesus has called us and he will support us. If we ignore his call we become hard hearted. He called Simon (Peter) who rejected him three times – we are human but Jesus knows human failings – if we admit when we have done wrong and say we are sorry then he will use us. There is no need to be perfect – just have the desire to learn and follow him. He will use you – he said
“I have chosen YOU”

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