Sunday Service 29th September 2013

Roy Davison led today’s service.
Readings were from; Amos Chapter 6 v1 & 4-6, St Luke 16 v19-31

Text: Luke 16 v31
Based on the Lectionary readings for this week, Roy warned of the need for us to believe now before it is too late.

This is seen clearly in the message from Luke in the comparison between the Rich Man and Lazarus. From collecting scraps beneath the table of the rich man, he finds himself in Heaven looking down on the Rich man tormented in Hell.

We can play our part by fulfilling our calling to speak the gospel and tell others of our Lord Jesus Christ and our faith. Jesus is our Saviour because he died for our sins and only through him can we be saved. How easy is it to speak about our faith?

Amos was a farmer who became a reluctant prophet working in northern Israel following a call from God. He probably felt concerned at his call to go to the north of the country where people were rebelling against God. He was alone but clearly had God at his side encouraging and strengthening him during his work. We should never consider ourselves alone.

Roy recounted the word of the hymn Go forth and tell…………..

Thanks Roy

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