Sunday Service 15th September 2013

Thank you to the Rev John Simms from Wesley Hall and Walkley Ebenezer for taking today’s service.
Readings were from;
Exodus Ch. 32 v 7-14
Timothy Ch. 1 v 12-17
Luke Ch. 15 v 1-10 (the lost sheep and the lost coin)
Rev Simms began by talking about cryptic crosswords and how the English language has so much ambiguity in words. The word ‘Save’ can mean; to accumulate , to rescue or to ‘save’ a goal!
Rev Simms remembers clearly the day he was ‘Saved’ and explains how important salvation is to us all. God will always save us if we ask . Salvation is not a one off event but an ongoing process.
In Timothy it says ” Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners” this tells us about the ‘Object’ the ‘Agent’ and the ‘Means’ of salvation.
The ‘Object’ is all sinners from the very serious to the menial. None of us are perfect we all do things we need forgiveness for.
The ‘Agent’ is Christ Jesus who came into the world looking for the lost and the sinners, ready to give his own life to save ours.
The ‘Means’ Jesus asks us all to be his ‘body’ on earth to do his work for the good of everyone.
We need to remember to ask Jesus for help if we need it, to ask for forgiveness when we do wrong and to try and do Jesus’s work here on earth.

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