Sunday 8th September 2013

Leader : Russell Blackwell
It was good to have Tom Lomas with us on the organ.
We were treated to dips of various flavours which was certainly a different way to start a Sunday service. Then Russell went on to talk about spices/flavours – God provides for all – different tastes and texture in abundance.
Readings: Psalm 65 v 11 – 13 Praise and Thanksgiving (a psalm which has so much meaning at this time of year.
Luke 17 v 11 Of the ten men who were cured only one returned to give thanks – where were the other nine?? do we give thanks as often as we should??
We have SO much to be thankful for.
Psalm 104 Praise my soul. Do we praise as often as we should??
Harvest is only a small part of God’s creation but his abundance shows best at this time of year- He is the source of so many things. He is the builder who lives on the premises. We have a duty to look after His creation. it is so easy for us to see and admire His handywork Food is provided – we are satisfied – but are we?? The River of Grace provides our living water – so many things in God’s creation depend on water and He supplies for their needs.
His world is not boring it is full of colour, sounds, smells, tastes but we should remember mankind is not the centre just a small part of a larger scene –
A person reaps what he has sown.
Remember – give thanks – its not a hard thing to do Are we the one man out of ten or are we with the crowd who go their own way without a word of thanks?? Jesus was disappointed with them – is he disappointed with you??
Buzz Aldrin asked for time to give thanks when he landed on the moon Count your blessings

Keith announced the winner of yesterday’s quiz was Alison and gave answers to all the questions.

Cups of tea were provided in the schoolroom afterwards.

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