Service 23 June 2013 – led by Darryl Lomas

Readings from 1 Samuel 16: v1-16, Luke 19: v1-11, Psalm 139

Earlier this year, Darryl starred for Walkley Ebeneezer Amateur Dramatic Society (WEADS) in the pantomime ‘Beauty & the Beast’ . He used the characters Belle and the Prince Pavel aka ‘The Beast’ to highlight his theme of choice.

We all have choice and the answers might not always be what we expect. In Samuel we see David as a shepherd in the fields being overlooked in favour of his brothers. However his heart was in the right palce and he was the chosen one.
Outward appearance can be misleading as displayed in the pantomime as Belle found out with ‘the Beast’. We need to give all people a chance. In Psalm 139 we read; “the Lord examines our heart and knows all about us”. God knows us and will forgive us when we stray.

Zacchaeus was a rich, social outcast, tax collector but Jesus saw the man who could repent.

Don’t make rash judgements on first appearance – change can happen!

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