Bible Study – 22 May 2013

Led by Neil Finlay
Theme – What Jesus Christ tells us.

Readings considered:
2 Timothy Ch 3: v15-16 – the Holy Scriptures give wisdom that leads to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. All scripture is Spiritually given by God.
Matthew Ch 20: – parable of the workers in the vineyard, the owner rewards the workers with the same wage despite working for different periods. Entry to the Kingdom of God can be achieved at any point in time.
Luke Ch 15: v11ff The prodigal son – the father representing our heavenly father welcomes back the ‘lost’ son. It was felt by those present that public sympathies would lie with the son who was left behind on the farm and with those workers who toiled all day but were paid only the same as those who worked for one hour.
This illustrates clearly scripture is from God and we need to look at the word in such a manner, not in an earthly way.
We must learn not to be resentful – forgive and show love and mercy, fruits of the Spirit.

Christian life is not the easy option.

Matthew Ch 5 v1-12 Sermon on the Mount – illustrates the point clearly and in Isaiah Ch 55 v8-9 all pride is removed because we cannot understand based on earthly values.
Can we think our way to God? No We must pray and wait for the answer to be revealed.
Summed up in the phrase “Let Go – Let God!”

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