Sunday 28th April 2013

Leader Rev. Chris Damp
Readings l Corinthians 12 1-11
WE are the body of Christ with our different abilities and gifts.
2 John 2 1 – 11
Water into wine
Jesus was a guest at the wedding but was able to help in the crisis when the wine ran out – he is there for us when we have a crisis.
He shares human life and through him we see the Glory of God.
Jesus and Joy
Life, healing and frienship come from him. BUT he waits to be invited – he stands at the door and knocks – it is up to us whether we open the door – he will not gatecrash. The obedience he expects is hard but it brings liberty from burdens – throw open your hearts and lives and welcome Jesus. Let him live with you as your guest and you will not regret it.

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