Sunday 21st April 2013

Leader : Edwin Ashforth
Readings: Mark 16 v 1 – 3
Luke 24 v 8 – 11
Mary Magdalene
Women had no status at this time yet Jesus put Mary first more than once. Luke names all women and this was significant at the time. By Jewish Law the oldest was named first in a list of names and Mary Magdalene was first so we assume by that she was not, as is so often shown in art and literature, a young girl but must have been much older. Even the Bronte sisters had to use male names to have their books accepted.
Mary Magdalene was one of the women who used their own means to clothe and feed Jesus. She was one of the women at the foot of the cross when the men were afraid of the Romans thinking they were associated with Jeus and she was first at the tomb.
She was also the one to whom Jesus appeared in the garden and who he empowered to “GO AND TELL” It is up to us all, female or male to do as he commands and go forth and tell.

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