Service 5th August

Led by Mr Darryl Lomas

Reading Matthew 19:16-30

The rich young ruler

Darryl spoke of the 5S system of visual management has improved organisation and efficiency in many workplaces including manufacturing environments and offices. This system consists of five pillars—Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain—that make maintaining the workplace in good condition a visual process. He asked if the Rich Young ruler would have benefited from applying this system to his life?

Sort – Have a look at his life an d determine what is good and what is unnecessary

Shine – if he used his wealth for the poor and needy

Set in order – if he let his wealth go & put his life in order

Sustain – could he keep it up, would he miss his wealth and everything that goes with it?

Darryl suggested he did not get past the sorting stage. What abut us? We may at some time sorted out home, cupboard but how long did it remain clear and tidy?

Darryl left us with the following thoughts:

What do we need to sort out?

What do we need to give up?

How will we do it?

How will we sustain whats right?

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