Summary of Service 20th February 2011

Service led by Fulwood Preachin g Team – Dave Saunders, John Lockley and Richard Chester
Opening hymn – Come, Let us sing of a wonderful love
Readings: Psalm 16
Acts 2 v24ff
Sermon: The Lord is my inheritance    by   Richard Chester
In February as we approach Spring we look forward to longer, warmer, brighter days. The readings show David on the run from Saul and he seems to have a similar February feeling.
In Ps 16 David compares  the lands distributed to the tribes as an inheritance but instead of land refers to the Lord as the inheritance.
Richard asked if we have such an inheritance and a personal relationship with God.  Do we have God with us in everything we do?  Do we ask him to be by our side?
In 1 Thessalonians Paul shared the gospel and commented on how the people should live and thereby impact on those around them. Our relationship with God should be seen not just in our words but in our actions.
In Psalms v7ff we read about the Lord’s inheritance and that we should always be aware of his presence.
V9-11 refers to future inheritance and protection from death.  We have received such assurance through the risen Jesus Christ, giving living hope and rich blessings.
Final hymn – Take my life and let it be consecrated to Thee
The service concluded with John Silverton playing Voluntary in d minor for double organ(1670) anon. – an elegant and ‘modern’ piece.

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