5th May – Joint Bible Study

Resurrection story from Matthew 28: 1-4

Dramatic reconstruction for the Jewish readers. Recalls the earthquake and we looked at other bible passages involving earthquakes:

Exodus 19: 16-19: This is Israel’s first encounter with the living God as a re-formed nation. It is the beginning of them receiving God’s laws.

Job 9:4-7: This is a conversation about God’s wisdom and justice which we as humans cannot always grasp. God can move mountains.

1 Samuel 14:15: After Jonathan leads a raiding party against the invading Philistines panic strikes the Philistine camp and the ground shakes. The army then melt away in all directions and there is victory.

1 Kings 19: 9-13: Conversely, here God is not in the earthquake but in the near silent murmur.

Suzanne asked:

What is the most dramatic thing you have ever witnessed?

When has nature/weather somehow matched what was going on your life?

Do any of these earthquake passages shed another light on what Jesus’ resurrection means?

When have you felt that you were in the presence or power of God/that God was doing something?

Did it feel entirely comfortable?

Read Matthew 28:16-20

Can doubt be a good thing? Have you ever worshipped through your doubts?

What one thing could you do that might encourage discipleship?

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