Sunday 5th January 2020

FIRST SERVICE OF THE NEW YEAR  led by Suzanne Nockels

John 1  1-18   FOMO  a new word in the English Dictionary   meaning      Fear of missing out     there is alway disappointment when you find out you have missed something that was really important   – John foretold the birth of the Messiah  but when this happened He was not recognised by the masses until much later   and not even by all when His life ended.   What event are you looking forward to in 2020 that yo cannot possibly miss ??                               Matthew 2  1-12  The Three Wise Men    wanted to offer homage to the King  so went to Jerusalem to Herods palace.  (In those days it was customary to offer homage to a new King so he would not invade your country)   The star eventually led them to the baby and they offered him their gifts    but they did not tell Herod where He was  because he had lied when he said he wanted to worship the baby too  –  sometimes we pretend homage to Christ too   it is easy to pay homage to the wrong person.   To look in the wrong place.       When we pay homage to Him we receive His blessing.  Jesus told his disciples to go out into the world  not following the star but Him.   Shall we do the same ?

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