Sunday 29th December 2019

The last Sunday of the year  led by Rev Suzanne Nockels

We were shown photographs of events which had taken place at Tapton during the year and asked what they were and did we remember them.       Did we treasure any of these events more than any other ?     In Matthew 18 21-35 we heard of the servant who owed his master  and when he pleaded he was let off the debt  but he went out and met someone who owed him  and he demanded his money     when his master heard     what he had done  he was annoyed and punished the man.           Jesus was asked how many times should we forgive  – 7 times ?  No   we must always try to forgive.    Letting go of a grudge can be very difficult   how many time has Jesus forgiven us ??      Let us go into 2020  remembering the things we have treasured in the last year  and forgiving and forgetting all the bad things.

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