Sunday 1st December 2019 ADVENT SUNDAY

Leader :Suzanne Nockels        Boxes-   imagine living out of  a box or suitcase    not being settled    in a “between time”  what does the future hold ?    i.e refugees,  flood victims,   homeless.                                                                                                            Today we heard a speaker from the Good News Family Care Home in |Buxton  who told us the work they are doing with abused and vulnerable people   since opening in 1994 they have helped more than 3,400 individuals who were in an in between place..   They also have a farm where people with problems can be helped by working with the animals  particularly  horses  This is one of the charities we are supporting this year and it was extremely interesting to hear what they do   Gods Love in Action.

Reading :   Matthew 24 36-44         we know how anxious we get when we are waiting for something   and it is late we keep watch      we  all have times of waiting and watching  Matthew talks about waiting  one day Jesus will come   are you watching    are you ready ?


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