Sunday 24th November 2019

Leader:  Ray Briddon  from Bakewell      “Living water”                                                                                                  Readings : Jeremiah 2  4-12  John 7  37-44                                                                                                                                         Ray played his guitar and sang a solo   “Have we gone too far?  Is there no way back?”                                                            Water is essential to life     but it can be a blessing or  curse as has been shown quite recently with the suffering caused by flooding.    Genesis mentions water for the first time  but it is mentioned continually through the bible.  One very familiar story is that of Noah  who saved some people  but others who had disobeyed God perished.                 In the story of the Samaritan woman   Jesus asks for a drink of water  and in return will give the water of life which satisfies,  and gives eternal life.     Jeremiah talks about the people ignoring God and building cisterns of such poor quality they leaked                                                                                                                                                                                     Jesus and God are the only ones who can provide us with living water   dont build broken cisterns    draw your water from the only source.

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