Sunday 17th November 2019

Leader:    Mark Taylor  from Newark

what have these three symbols in common  ?

an x  a heart   a rose      Love                                                                                                                                                                   Not only should we love our family and friends,   those we know   we should also love  those we dont know, people we meet in the street, on the bus, people who are different   in nationality   creed

Readings :    Leviticus 19  9-18       Luke 10 25-35

The Good Samaritan story    An expert in church law  asks Jesus  how he can get into heaven   Jesus tells him to love your God with all your soul  mind and heart and your neighbour  as yourself   and that is all you need    In Leviticus  God gives us other instructions

God wants us to love one another     Jesus is asked “who is my neighbour?”   our neighbour can be anyone  regardless of beliefs and doctrines   nationality sex  none of these things matter  – caring does.  Put people into categories   will not do  everyone is a potential neighbour.

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