Sunday 3rd November 2019

Leader : Suzanne Nockels      31st October is Halloween,  All Saints Day and Reformation Day

Suzanne put on a white sheet  to pretend she was a ghost for halloween  – scary ? a disguise.  All the time we wear a disguise in our lives,  we put on a good face for the world,   underneath there are  shadows, scary moments, .  we are not honest about how we feel.    Martin Luther wanted to change things that were scary    and he managed that – if we ask Jesus and His father for help we can overcome the scary things in our lives.

Reading          Daniel 7 1-10   13-19  A scary passage about four beasts.

As President elect of the Federation Suzanne has  been asked to attend some events – one being the cannonisation of Cardinal Newman at Westminster Cathedral (which she could not attend)       she told us about the Catholic  church and  Saints.      We would all like to be called saint   we meet people who we call saints  they show caring and love and ask for no reward for what they do      If we try we can all be better people.

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