Sunday worship 27th October 2019

Led by Mr Mike Warren

Mike related the story of Barnabus ‘the encourager’, friend of the friendless who came to follow Jesus also a friend of the friendless. Barnabus later encouraged Saul later to become Paul who changed from persecuting Jesus and his followers to become one of them.  Read about it in Acts 4 and 9.

This was followed by a sermon on Romans 15: 1-6 and Luke 4:16-24

Jesus, a visiting rabbi preaches from the seat of Moses in his home town. Jesus presented the 7 principles of his own ministry and as a template for the church.

Jesus was proclaiming that the reading from Isaiah 61:1,2 was being fulfilled by his presence but the people of Nazareth did not accept this son of Joseph as a prophet. They were then enraged that Jesus was saying sometimes God’s message would reach Gentiles rather than Jews.

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